The Program

State Of The Art Classroom

Our 3-point program, which faithfully transmits the Bais Yaakov mesora, brings out the best in our talmidos.

1. Academic Excellence  - developing critical, independent thinking skills and encouraging students to take pride in their learning.

2. Inspiration - teaching girls the grandeur of Torah and how to use thought, speech, and action to fulfill their unique, noble mission.

3. Yiras Shamayim and Simcha  - instilling wholesomeness and commitment based on the knowledge that each girl is a vital and beloved member of Klal Yisrael.

Personalized attention, limited class size, and realizing how genuinely the teachers care and are rooting for them allows our girls to blossom into well adjusted and dynamic members of our noble people. Varied extracurricular activities foster social and leadership skills as well as promoting communal spirit, physical health, and appreciation of the arts. Projects like the renowned Annual Play, G.O. programs and Monthly Newsletter allow expression of creativity and talents, building a positive ruach of achdus and simcha.